AI-music startup Boomy is ‘the magic instant music robot’


We wrote about AI-music-creation startup Boomy in January, after spotting its profile on an investment website. The company then opened up its private beta-test earlier this month, enabling people to play with its system to “generate beautiful, creative songs in seconds with artificial intelligence”.

Now founder Alex Mitchell has published a blog post explaining a bit more about what Boomy is up to, as well as revealing that more than 1,000 people have so far signed up to the beta.

“After setting a few filters and pressing ‘Create Song,’ Boomy’s creative artificial intelligence will write and produce a full song for you in seconds, then prompt you to reject or save it. As you do this, Boomy develops your taste profile, which helps it learn what makes a song you love,” wrote Mitchell. “Today, Boomy is great at creating modern and forward-thinking beats suitable for a variety of genres… After you save a song, you can edit it — even the whole song at once. Boomy generates fully-produced songs, so you can change the style of your song all at once after you save it.”

There are some interesting things at work behind the scenes: for example the claim that Boomy is optimising for creativity (“try things and see what this user likes, then do what this particular user would do”) rather than accuracy (“do what a musician would do”). And there’s a mission statement too. “We want to turn every human in the world into a capable musician, in the same way that the iPhone camera turned us all into capable photographers”. But Boomy also hopes that musicians will use its software to become “more efficient” rather than worrying that it might replace them.

Written by: Stuart Dredge