Crush app wants to help superfans keep up with fave artists


There’s a long line of standalone apps that tried to help people discover music and artists, and/or offered social features around that. It’s hard to think of any that became sustainable businesses, but the better ideas *did* ultimately become part of music-streaming services’ core features. That’s why Music Ally is always keen to explore new apps in this area, with Crush being the latest.

Pitched as “the music app with a heartbeat” it blends Spotify with artists’ social-media feeds – Instagram stories for example. “Start with one of your playlists or search to discover something new. Crush tracks to save them,” explains its website. “Jump directly into artists’ Instagram and social media. Easily check in on your favourite artists’ activity.”

The app is so far available for iOS. In a series of tweets, Crush’s product lead C.Y. Lee explained more. “It takes time and effort to be a superfan, often evidenced by the jumble of browser tabs and social media apps open as part of their listening experience. Being a superfan is actually a lot of work,” he wrote. “Crush embodies our mission: make being a superfan feel fun, productive, and gratifying… It’s the first step toward making listening a ‘lean-forward’ activity centered on the artist.” We think it’s worth a look.

Written by: Stuart Dredge