Rapper Iggy Azalea has a new track, ‘Sally Walker’, which is proving very popular on platforms from iTunes and YouTube to Spotify. However, Azalea tore into the latter company in a series of (now-deleted) tweets, claiming that the song wasn’t getting its rightful treatment on one of Spotify’s biggest playlists.

“The data across the board shows sally walker was the biggest song dropped yesterday but you won’t add it at number 1 on new music Friday,” tweeted Azalea. “it’s down in the 20s is that the data that made you do that or taste *coughs* industry politics *coughs* payola *coughs*”. Someone get Iggy a throat lozenge! This in response to a tweet from the SpotifyCares account pointing to a policy of “taste, data, research, and trends” in the curation of its playlists. Azalea later expanded on her complaint: “To be 100% fair everyone at Spotify isn’t ALL bad. It’s the same as any huge company; there’s people who are fair and there’s people who aren’t. I don’t hate Spotify, I just hate that any one company can hold so much power over who can be successful.”

Given its Apple dispute, last week more than any other, Spotify won’t have enjoyed being accused of being a big platform misusing its power. One question that’s been raised is one of timing and advance notice: former WMG exec Kieron Donoghue wondered whether releasing ‘Sally Walker’ at midnight New York-time might have been a factor in the track missing out on New Music Friday placement – especially in countries where (due to time zones) the playlist had already updated for the week. Spotify declined to comment when contacted by Music Ally.

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