Tuner app will build on Spotify to offer ‘the new radio’


There’s a little bit of confusion around the name of this new app: its profile on investment site AngelList refers to it as Tuner, while its website refers to it as Brassroots. We’ll surmise that a rebranding is underway, although from what to what we’re still unsure about – it’s also possible that Tuner is the company name and Brassroots the app name.

The idea is interesting though: an app offering collaborative playlists, synchronous listening and group chat features, all built on top of Spotify, so that users sign in with their Spotify Premium account. The idea is that people will then “press play and create a live session for anybody to join” and add their music to the queue while chatting about it.

“Our anonymised data generates totally unique insights about how music is propagated across user networks. The new radio is created by each other for each other,” adds the AngelList profile.

As ever with this kind of social-music app, the big questions are 1.) how will it build momentum in the ultra-tough environment of the app stores – not just downloads, but active usage – and 2.) what’s the sustainable business model for this kind of app?

Written by: Stuart Dredge