Major labels sue American ISP Charter Communications


The latest US lawsuit accusing an ISP of facilitating piracy focuses on Charter Communications. A group of labels and publishers under the auspices of Universal, Sony and Warner are suing the cable-internet provider, claiming that it has “knowingly contributed to, and reaped substantial profits from, massive copyright infringement committed by thousands of its subscribers” over a period of years.

“Charter’s contribution to its subscribers’ infringement is both willful and extensive, and renders Charter equally liable. Indeed, for years, Charter deliberately refused to take reasonable measures to curb customers from using its Internet services to infringe on others’ copyrights, including Plaintiffs’ copyrights — even after Charter became aware of particular customers engaging in specific, repeated acts of infringement,” continued the filing.

“Rather than working with Plaintiffs to curb this massive infringement, Charter did nothing, choosing to prioritize its own profits over its legal obligations.”

For its part, Charter told news site Ars Technica that “We will defend against these baseless allegations”.

This is part of a wider story of labels taking action against ISPs in the US, with Cox Communications and Grande Communications having also faced lawsuits.

Stuart Dredge

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