SoundCloud adds more ‘handcrafted’ playlists to its service


Good playlist curators are in demand in the modern streaming market. The latest service shouting about its tune-pickers is SoundCloud, which launched a selection of new “handcrafted” playlists yesterday. They include the rap-focused ’Noise and 808s’ and ‘Drippin’; electro playlist ‘Speed Bumps’; ‘DTFunk’ which promises to soundtrack “a freaky first date”; and ‘The Morning Mourning Playlist’ for “everyone who agrees: mornings suck”. Meanwhile, another new playlist called ‘The Feed’ will choose a single artist each update, and bundle together their likes, follows and reposts. SoundCloud is turning to external curators for all this.

“Our team of music industry VIPs include former Editor-in-Chief at Pitchfork, Mark Richardson, electronic music journalist and critic, Philip Sherburne, music journalists Sowmya Krishnamurthy and David Turner — and more,” explained the company. Also new: a playlist-submission form (a bit like Spotify’s) for artists to submit their tracks to SoundCloud’s curators. It launched yesterday in beta, for artists who are on the SoundCloud Premier program. Also new: a set of “community profile pages” based around specific musical tastes, which will showcase relevant playlists and gather new tracks. The pages are very SoundCloud in their naming structure: Hustle, Scenes, Throwback, Circuits, Vibrations, Amped and AURAS being some examples.

Stuart Dredge

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