Spotify’s $14.99-a-month family plan covers up to six people living at the same address. Now it’s testing a cheaper option for couples. It’s called Premium Duo, and based on its splash page in Ireland, it costs €12.49 a month (so $12.49 if and when it makes it to the US).

“Two people, two separate Spotify Premium accounts for €12.49, all in a single bill,” as the pitch goes. Spotify has confirmed to The Verge that Premium Duo is a test in five markets: besides Ireland it’s launching in Colombia, Chile, Denmark and Poland. Also interesting: there’s an algo-personalised playlist attached to it Duo Mix. “A playlist of songs that combines the music you and the other member of your Duo plan listens to,” according to Spotify’s support website. “It comes preloaded with songs based on genres, artists, and songs that you both have played on your own and updates the more you play.” There are also three modes to listen to the playlist: normal, chill and upbeat – a feature we can imagine working for other personalised playlists on the service too, in the future.

It would be a shame if couples on the wider family plan (because they have kids, for example) don’t get to try this too. It’s also noticeable that to get Premium Duo, couples have to be living in the same house: sad for non-cohabitees, but a sensible restriction if Spotify wants to avoid trying to police which signups really are romantically linked.

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