IDC predicts 144.3m smart speaker shipments in 2019


Research firm IDC has published its latest predictions for shipments of ‘smart home devices’ – a category that includes smart speakers like Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home, but also home-security, lighting, smart thermostats and video-streaming gadgets.

Music Ally is most interested in smart speakers, obviously: IDC reckons that 144.3m of them will ship globally this year, and that this will rise to 240.1m a year by 2023 (by which time, nobody will remember to check the company’s prediction from 2019 to see if it was right…)

IDC also has a useful point to make about this wider ecosystem of smart gadgets, though. “2018 was all about getting products into consumers’ homes and both Amazon and Google excelled at this through low-cost smart speakers and multiple bundles across device categories,” said research manager Jitesh Ubrani. “However, 2019 will be more about tying the various devices together to form a more cohesive experience and more importantly, layering in additional services… Smart assistants will act as the point of contact with multiple smart home devices and essentially become the cornerstone of the smart home experience.”

Stuart Dredge

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