Techstars Music boss talks the future of the music industry


Bob Moczydlowsky has made a success of the Techstars Music accelerator, working with some of the most interesting music/tech startups to have emerged in the last three years. Now he’s been talking to analytics firm Soundcharts for the first in its new series of industry interviews, published to YouTube and its own blog.

Soundcharts itself took part in the accelerator’s 2018 program. Moczydlowsky’s views include some thoughts on the music industry’s future. “One is the implication of how we manage media. My son’s nine. He talks to Alexa non-stop all day. He has no concept of albums. He has no concept of media brands. He has no concept of playlist thing or groups of songs. His relationships are with Alexa and with the artist or the song name,” said Moczydlowsky. “He is […] discovering things in the voice environment. And [that is] a whole thread in music right. How we prepare for voice? What’s the metadata looks like? What’s the tagging look like? How do we read emotions there? We’ve made a couple of investments this year in companies that are relevant here.”

Moczydlowsky also has an eye on music-creation technology. “The other thing I’m super into is that I think every kid in the world in the next two or three years will have all the tools they need to become a global pop star,” he said. “From anywhere on the planet: you won’t have to be in New York. You won’t have to be in L.A. You won’t have to be in London. You could be in Ghana and you could be a global superstar. I think it’s like two years away.”

Stuart Dredge

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