Beat The Intro mobile game will push new releases and deep catalogue


A new music-based game has launched that claims it will create “new revenue and promotional opportunities for the music industry”.

Beat The Intro says it has licensed “millions of tracks” already and, as its name suggests, tests how well users know music and how quickly they can identify a track. A short song intro is played and three options presented to the users with a time limit to answer. Users will compete against each other to race up the game’s leader board.

Music Ally understands that the app is being pitched to labels as helping in the following ways: all the music is licensed so acts can generate revenue via streaming; it will push both new releases and catalogue tracks; bespoke artist packs can be created around certain events or anniversaries; and it will support the inclusion of promo videos from acts.

Since the peak of games like Tap Tap Revenge, it has been relatively quiet on the music-centric mobile gaming world wherein music can actually be promoted (as opposed to just being licensed in for use in the game), although something like Beat Fever is the closest parallel in recent years.

The game is currently live on Apple’s App Store and an Android version of the app is planned for later in the year.

Eamonn Forde

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