Jam Session app hopes to spark social co-listening


Music Ally has seen a few startups try to make ‘co-listening’ a thing in our history, from Turntable and the original incarnation of Soundrop a few years ago to the radio-like Stationhead now. Next to try is a US startup called Jam Session, which is currently in beta. It’ll be an app that “lets you listen to what your friends are listening to, in real-time”, with the ability to “hop in” to streams of what someone’s playing.

The company’s website suggests that celebrities and influencers could be part of its community too, with listening sessions including “chat features and access to profiles, which increase social interaction and music discovery”. Sessions will also be saved to people’s profiles as playlists, so that they and their followers can re-listen in the future.

What isn’t explained on the website is where the music is coming from: building on top of services like Spotify or Apple Music would be easier from a licensing perspective, though. Founder Dylan Reich previously worked at another social-music app,

Eamonn Forde

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2 responses
  • Willem says:

    Awesome! I’ve been trying to find the perfect social music experience for years as well. Built many apps (latest being Vybes), but it just seems really hard to nail the experience. I believe the secret will be somewhere in convenience of discovering new music algorithmically and experiencing/discussing that music together. Curious what these guys envision will be the way to do it!

  • Willem says:

    This is awesome! Really curious what these guys think is the right way to build a social music app. I’ve been trying it for years with my latest effort being Vybes, but no one has actually nailed it imho… I think the key is to make it really low effort to put on music and fascilitate user interactions between algorithmically generated suggestions or something!

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