MicTurn takes the idea of open-mic concerts online


If you’ve ever been to an ‘open-mic’ concert, you’ll know how they work: musicians turn up with their instruments, sign up to take part and then wait their turn to play a few songs. Now there’s a startup trying to do that in the online world. It’s called MicTurn.

“Choose from a list of online venues, a variety of genres and musical themes,” explains its website, to musicians who might want to take part. “Sign up in the queue. Take your turn playing a song. Gain followers, view stats, and earn tips.” The idea being that fans will tune in to these online ‘venues’ to discover new music and artists. That may be one of the challenges for MicTurn though: how to draw online crowds to hear unknown musicians. Then again, if it can get some ‘ChatRoulette for music’ buzz going, who knows…

Eamonn Forde

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