Project Wave app aims to blend private messaging with music


Music Ally cooled on the idea of ‘music messaging’ startups some time ago: there were a bunch of them, and sustainable business models/consumer interest was thin on the ground. But the intersection of music and messaging in other ways – streaming services integrating with Facebook Messenger, for example – is very interesting.

Can Project Wave change our minds on the former category? The US startup is in its early days in terms of commercial rollout: it has a website but its app doesn’t appear to be live yet.

“Project Wave is a privacy-focused messaging and social networking platform with music streaming and distribution service,” claims the site. “We want to connect you with everyone you know, discover new people, ideas and content, and give artists a broader voice.”

Rapper Travis Scott features in the screenshot on its website, although we’ve learned not to assume that promotional images from early-stage startups reflect actual partnerships or endorsement deals. We can say that it’s a platform where users will be able to upload their own music though. “Project Wave is a platform for creators and we expect all Project Wave users to respect other people’s copyright,” stresses the website.

Written by: Eamonn Forde