Instagram launches a photo-filter dedicated to Billie Eilish


By all accounts, Billie Eilish’s set at the Coachella festival was a big hit – levitating bed and all. And Instagram has gotten in on Billie Fever by launching a camera filter based on her.

Tubefilter reported that it “gives users’ skin a plastic glean and also fully blacks out their eyes, while a strobe-light flashes in the background” – reflecting an effect she’s used in her music videos. To access the filter for use in their stories, fans are being encouraged to follow Eilish’s official account on Instagram, where she currently has 18 million followers.

The news came alongside the debut of another music-related camera filter on Instagram, focused on Coachella itself. The ‘Desert Chill’ filter “gives photos a pinky-peach sheen — a nod to the dreamy vibe of the famed music festival”, and again, can be accessed by following the official profile of the festival.

Stuart Dredge

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