Nile Rodgers: ‘Do not bite the hand that brings you your subscribers’


Artist and producer Nile Rodgers, of Chic, is famously one of the nicest people in the music industry – so finding yourself on his wrong side isn’t a fun position to be in.

Rodgers has explained why he co-signed last week’s open letter to Spotify CEO Daniel Ek about his company’s appeal against new songwriter-royalty rates in the US. “The message is very simple. Spotify, Amazon, et al.: Do not bite the hand that brings you your subscribers,” Rodgers told NPR. He acknowledged the fact that “thanks to streaming and companies like Apple, Spotify and Amazon delivering our songs to the consumer conveniently, the best days for music and its creators are once again in front of it” but delivered a warning to the non-Apple services that are appealing the new CRB rates.

“Daniel Ek and Jeff Bezos are highly intelligent people. They understand that people do not pay $10 a month to be able to push buttons on their technology — they spend their money to listen to The Beatles, Dua Lipa, Led Zeppelin, Beyoncé,” said Rodgers. “If great artists and songs start to disappear from these services, the money will then evaporate and go to whomever can deliver them. I suspect Spotify and Amazon now realise they have handled this badly, and I hope for a swift resolution that has no impact on their growth.”

Stuart Dredge

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