Spotify is winning some support from its homeland for its battle against Apple – in the form of news publisher Schibsted. An open letter from two of its publishers, as reported by Digiday, has drawn links between how Spotify feels it’s being treated unfairly on Apple’s App Store, and the views of news publishers.

“Unfortunately, we have seen more and more signs that this position is being abused,” claimed the letter. “Apple is acting today as a whimsical feudal lord who either doesn’t understand — or simply doesn’t care — what its actions are impacting.”

Among their complaints: the cut that Apple takes of their subscription revenues; its retention of data on the people paying for these subscriptions; and rejections of app features that the publishers thought would be approved.

Spotify’s anti-competition accusations against Apple, which the European Commission has yet to decide whether to launch an investigation of, have also been supported by the European Publishers Council, which represents a number of news and magazine publishers.

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