Music Ally has written a lot about voice assistants and smart speakers over the past couple of years, but not quite as much about the use of voice controls within the smartphone apps of music-streaming services.

Voice-focused website Voicebot has been putting some of the prominent ones through their paces though: rating Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music for their music navigation, playback control and volume control using voice. “Apple’s iOS advantage sets the benchmark” is one of its conclusions, awarding a 92% score to Apple Music and Siri’s performance. “Spotify lags peers, Pandora marks a strong debut,” being its other main finding. Pandora was scored 76% overall, followed by Amazon Music’s 66% and Spotify’s 56%. Given that Spotify’s in-app voice controls are a relatively recent launch, this may be just a reflection of the work that remains to be done. That said, Spotify may see the claims of Apple’s iOS platform advantage as bolstering its own anti-competition complaints against that company.

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