MLC debate continues in the US with calls for more information


If you’re keen to follow the debate about which entity should run the soon-to-be-created Mechanical Licensing Collective in the US, fill your boots on the official Copyright Office regulations site: it has published hundreds of submissions from industry bodies and individuals in support of one or other of the two groups (the MLC and AMLC) competing to run the new body.  Notable in the submissions from the Recording Academy and the Digital Media Association (DiMA, which represents digital music services) are calls for more information to be provided by both groups.

“After careful review, the Academy believes the MLC is best equipped to run the Collective. However, additional information is necessary regarding accurate data matching and songwriter outreach to ensure every songwriter is properly paid for their work,” said a statement from the Recording Academy, referring to concerns expressed about whether the publisher groups involved in the MLC will be tempted to distribute royalties to their members by market share, at the expense of independent songwriters.

DiMA, meanwhile, has declined to endorse either group at this time. “DiMA has met with and provided feedback to both the MLC and the AMLC on various aspects of their models for the Collective. Some of DiMA’s suggestions have been addressed, but many others have not,” claimed its submission. It too has called for more information from both groups, particularly over the technology they plan to use, and how they’ll be held accountable.

Stuart Dredge

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