Filing: Amazon spent $1.7bn on music and video content in Q1


We reported on Amazon’s latest financial results last week. In the official filing, the company revealed a music stat! Albeit one bundled in with video.

“Total video and music expense was $1.5 billion and $1.7 billion in Q1 2018 and Q1 2019,” reported Amazon. “Total video and music expense includes licensing and production costs associated with content offered within Amazon Prime memberships, and costs associated with digital subscriptions and sold or rented content.” So it’s not a super-meaningful statistic for music specifically, due to the difficulty of separating that segment out from video.

Analysts expected Amazon to spend $5bn on video content in 2018, so based on the filing’s Q1 2018 figure of $1.5bn, you could estimate that video is around 83% of the combined budget, which could point to around $290m of music spending in Q1 2019. But there are so many caveats around these calculations, we haven’t popped that figure in the headline as a solid number to shout about.

Stuart Dredge

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