We’re not sure how intentional the nod towards the ’50 Shades’ books is in the title of new website 50 States of Music. Perhaps it’s better not to ask. But the site is a good thing: launched by US music-industry bodies A2IM, ASCAP, BMI, the RIAA and SoundExchange to pull data together showing music’s economic value across the US. It includes a new big-figure to shout about: $143bn. That’s the annual value that Stephen Siwek of Economists Incorporated reckons the US music industry contributes to the country’s economy, including supporting nearly two million jobs for American workers.

The site breaks this down state-by-state, including data on the number of working musicians and songwriters; the number of music-related businesses; as well as festivals, conferences and music schools. “This new site finally paints a proper picture of the US music industry as one that is truly local, growing, and more important than ever,” said RIAA boss Mitch Glazier. “Despite the ubiquitous of our music, it is not common knowledge how much creators, labels, and other music industry players contribute to the US and our individual state economies. Finally, we have a site that gathers this information together in a fun and easily digestible way,” added A2IM boss Richard James Burgess.

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