Spotify / Pandora overtake Apple Music in ‘brand intimacy’ study


What is ‘brand intimacy’ when it’s at home? According to marketing company MBLM, it’s a measure of “brands based on emotions” – tracked via a survey of 6,200 people in the US, Mexico and United Arab Emirates, as well as 56k ‘brand evaluations’ across 15 industries. Anyway, the company’s latest study will see Spotify and Pandora claiming bragging rights over Apple.

In MBLM’s rankings of the ‘US Top 10 Most Intimate Apps and Social Platforms’ for 2019, Spotify is second, Pandora third and Apple Music fifth. Apple Music topped the study a year ago. Pinterest was the most intimate brand of all in this category, up from fourth place a year ago – although Spotify was the top brand for men only.

But rather than crow too much about overtaking Apple Music, perhaps all three services should consider MBLM managing partner Mario Natarelli’s warning about how they rated in the overall (i.e. not just apps and social-platforms category) study. “Although a ubiquitous part of our daily routine, apps and social platform brands continued to underperform in our 2019 study,” he said. “These brands are perceived as free utilities. They rank lowest in the smartphone ecosystem and now trust is emerging as a key challenge as these brands try to mature.”

Stuart Dredge

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