Create Music Group’s new app will manage songwriting splits


Music firm Create Music Group has launched a new app aimed at songwriters. It’s called ‘Splits’ and it aims to help writers nail down the royalty-splits for their work as early as possible in the process. The promise is that it takes just a few taps to create a new agreement, add collaborators with their contribution percentages, and then send the data to the participants’ publishers.

“In the three years that we’ve been working with songwriters and artists, we’ve had to deal with thousands of tracks where the songwriting credits were either incomplete or where there were disputes which ultimately resulted in less royalties for everyone involved,” said co-founder Alexandre Williams. “We’re introducing Splits to the creative community as an easy, non confrontational way for creatives to agree upon songwriting contributions at the time of creation.”

It’s good to see competition in this area of the market: Session (the company formerly known as Auddly) has been working on tackling these kinds of issues for some time now, as has Jammber.

Stuart Dredge

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