Rolling Stone delays public-beta launch of its daily charts


Earlier this month, Rolling Stone announced plans to launch its own US charts, tracking the top 100 tracks and top 200 albums on a daily basis – rather than the weekly update of the established Billboard rankings. Its partner in the launch is Alpha Data, the company formerly known as BuzzAngle Music. The launch was announced as coming today (13 May), but on Saturday, Rolling Stone announced that it was being delayed.

“This project is unprecedented for a consumer magazine. Rolling Stone’s charts will feature daily updates, as well as interactive functionality and unprecedented transparency, and we can’t wait for you to see them,” explained its story. “While we had initially targeted a public beta launch of May 13th, we are instead going to remain in private beta for just a while longer to optimise with our industry partners and fully ensure the smoothness of our presentation.”

Charts are a serious business, and it’s certainly better to get them fully tested and running well rather than launch with any gremlins in the works. It’s awkward to have announced the launch date a week before delaying it, but we’ll be keen to see the finished product when it does go live.

Written by: Stuart Dredge