Beatport launches Beatport Link subscription service for DJs


Beatport is taking its latest shot at launching a subscription service for its DJ customers. It’s called Beatport Link, and launched in beta yesterday as a way for DJs to stream the Beatport catalogue directly to their performance software, during sets. The first software to support it is Pioneer DJ’s WeDJ, which is aimed at beginner DJs, with more expected to follow for professionals.

In the full version of Link, there’ll also be an ‘offline performance mode’ – pretty important, when rock-solid Wi-Fi still can’t always be counted on while DJing.

Alongside this, Beatport has launched something called Beatport Cloud, also in beta, offering features like unlimited redownloads of previously-purchased music, and more control over track previews. Beatport Cloud costs $4.99 a month, while Beatport Link costs $14.99 a month – and includes Cloud.

Stuart Dredge

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  • FT says:

    I ve used this for live DJing and the major thing holding me back from fully adopting it is that search within DJ apps is slow / poor – but Playlist creation in Beatport is a pain and very very time consuming. So after some playing around – I created this little tool which allows you to easily make Beatport Link playlists from Charts, Carts and Releases. Check it out.

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