A couple of weeks ago Lee Parsons, the CEO of distributor Ditto Music, posted on LinkedIn about his recent appearance at a blockchain event in Bangkok. “Could Ditto Music have an announcement coming up? Watch this space,” he wrote. A fortnight on, and the space to watch is investment site AngelList, and a listing for something called Bluebox, which as its logo makes clear is ‘powered by Ditto’. So what is it?

“Bluebox is a platform to streamline the music industry supply chain and bring modern technology to an industry lacking transparency, framework, and structure,” explains the company’s profile. “Artists, record labels, publishers and other parties in the music industry can all benefit from any of Bluebox technologies. Bluebox is constructed with a modular approach to allow maximum flexibility and efficiency. Users can systematically select which services they would like to use, for example, if a user would like to rely 100% on Bluebox to collect global royalties and use all of Bluebox’s services to streamline their music workflow they can. Or if another user is satisfied with their current setup but would like to take advantage of Bluebox Piracy Tracking or Bluebox Capitalization Services, they have the freedom to use Bluebox however they please.” Parsons and Ditto’s CTO Jeff Ward are listed as co-founders. How blockchain fits in remains to be seen.

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