YouTube’s subscription strategy is now ‘music first’


Q&A with YouTube’s chief product officer Neal Mohan by tech site Vox understandably focuses first on issues like extremism and child-exploitation. But music crops up as a topic too, within a discussion about YouTube bringing its ‘original’ shows out from behind its subscription paywall.

“Music is front and centre in our subscription business. Music is one of those habits that’s a daily habit. Everybody listens to music on a daily basis, and we want that to be a star when it comes to our subscription service,” said Mohan. “We find that users that are music listeners are users that tend to be happy with our subscription service. So our orientation… for our paid subscribers is music first.”

It’s not a surprise, given the recent decision to make YouTube’s premium non-music shows free to watch with advertising. But it’s useful to hear the music-emphasis aspect from the horse’s mouth.

Stuart Dredge

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