Katy Perry debuts new track on YouTube Music + Q&A


‘Never Really Over’ is, we can only presume, the first track from Katy Perry’s upcoming album – her first album since Witness in 2017. YouTube Music got the first play of it yesterday (well, at the turn of midnight on EDT in the US) and was determined to make a big noise about it.

Although a teaser clip was shown on Good Morning American on the morning of 30th May, just ahead of the full video play on YouTube, Perry did a live Q&A with fans where she talked about the song. (Surely doing the Q&A after the song would have made more sense as you can’t really ask insightful questions about a song or a video when you know nothing about either. But what do we know?)

YouTube says, “YouTube Premieres is a feature that lets artists and their teams build anticipation and create a unique moment around a music video release on YouTube. The feature transforms the way fans view and engage with content by creating an event where fans and artists directly engage and enjoy the experience together in an interactive way. Premieres radically change how music video content is released, turning the watching experience into a communal moment.”

The singer had already taken part in a Q&A at the YouTube Space in LA in front of 200 fans on 29th May where those in the room got to hear the track and video in full. Which all means that the song has had at least three premieres of sorts. Even the Queen of England only gets two birthdays. Maybe this is marketing now and everything is a premiere forever.

Stuart Dredge

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