TheFatRat on music and esports: ‘The potential is growing every year’


TheFatRat is a German dance artist and producer (real name Christian Büttner) who’s also one of the early musicians to get involved in the world of esports: professional gaming.

In November 2018, he was announced as the first artist to be signed to Enter Records, the label joint-venture founded by Universal Music and esports organisation ESL. Büttner will also be speaking at the Midem conference this Thursday, in an esports-focused strand. Ahead of that, he offered some views on the crossover between music and esports to Music Ally.

“Since I have been a gamer for so many years it excites me that games are becoming such a mainstream phenomenon. The potential for musicians is definitely growing every year together with the esports market,” he said, before offering some advice on common mistakes made by music companies trying to get into esports.

“The biggest mistake is to focus only on the exposure you get from an esports event and not trying to understand the event,” said Büttner. “Placing the wrong music in the wrong timeframe at the wrong event can hurt much more than it helps. You need to get a feeling for what’s working in the community and what’s not.”

He also offered a prediction of something worth getting excited about in the months to come: “Nintendo is gonna make some sort of Super Mario Maker Tournament at the E3 in 2019. Very little is known about it so far but in my personal opinion Super Mario Maker would make a great sports game. It has two big advantages,” he said.

“It’s way more family friendly than any shooter. And it’s easy to understand for the audience. You won’t understand a League of Legends or Counter Strike tournament until you know the game very well. But a Mario Maker tournament can be understood even for outsiders.”

Büttner will be speaking as part of Midem’s Music & Esports strand on Thursday 6 June.

Written by: Stuart Dredge