Music analytics firm Chartmetric has a new acronym to shout about: CPP. It stands for Cross-Platform Performance, and it’s an attempt to provide a single metric that measures an artist’s performance across music-streaming services, social media platforms and other digital entities.

In a detailed blog post explaining how the new metric is calculated, Chartmetric said that it has been focusing on two particular measures of success for artists: ‘stage’ is the amount of reach / exposure they have in terms of active listeners / viewers, while ‘followers’ is the size of their fanbase: people who are connected to an artist in deeper ways.

“A vibrant fanbase may be more likely to continually consume an artist’s products, but frankly, active audience size is most directly tied to revenue. The key to assessing an artists’ potential is to balance the importance of each.”

Chartmetric is calculating CPP scores on a daily basis, tracking the top 100,000 artists by rank for each day. A chart comparing the last few months’ CPP scores for Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Marshmello, Halsey, BTS and Anitta shows the kind of analysis that’s possible.

Scepticism around such a ‘one metric to rule them all’ approach will be inevitable, but it’s worth a dive into Chartmetric’s workings to understand what the company is trying to do, and how (if necessary) it should evolve.

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