Music Ally first wrote about startup Super Hi-Fi in September 2018, when it announced a partnership with The Associated Press “to transform AP’s daily global news content into audio-based stories that can be seamlessly embedded into any digital music service partner”.

The company’s focus is on “the space between the songs” on streaming services, with technology to not just power gapless playback and volume levelling, but also to blend in “artist interviews; exclusive audio interstitials; sweepers and liners… like fully produced music experiences on steroids” to people’s streaming experience, in a way that’s personalised for each listener. Intriguing.

So it’s very interesting that nine months after our report, Super Hi-Fi has announced a partnership with the world’s largest music label, Universal. “Under the terms of the partnership, UMG and Super Hi-Fi will work together to introduce the AI technology to UMG’s partners across the globe and co-develop ways to promote UMG’s artists and music using the tools,” reported Billboard. “UMG will also advise and support new product development initiatives from Super Hi-Fi as well as help the company attract new business.” It will be interesting to see if this partnership makes it more likely that streaming services seek out Super Hi-Fi as a partner or not.

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