Melodrive launches 24-hour Twitch channel of AI-generated music


Painting, Doctor Who and crowds playing Pokémon have all attracted healthy audiences on Amazon’s Twitch live-video service. Could round-the-clock AI-generated piano music be the platform’s next craze? Okay, it lacks the star (whether human or animated-monster) quality of those past trends, but music-AI startup Melodrive is giving it a whirl anyway.

It has launched ‘Twitch plays Melodrive’, a 24-hour stream of AI piano music, which was originally created as part of a hackathon in May with fellow AI-music collective Dadabots. But this stream is also interactive: Melodrive says that the music will change in response to people’s comments in the stream’s chat-window, using sentiment analysis to detect emotions like joy, anger, sadness or tenderness in people’s comments. For Melodrive, it’s a showcase for the company’s Melodrive Indie technology, which generates music for video games in real-time. As for Dadabots, if the name sounds familiar, it’s because we reported in April on its project generating a live stream of death-metal music on its YouTube channel.

Written by: Stuart Dredge