VC Mary Meeker publishes her 2019 Internet Trends report


US venture-capital exec Mary Meeker has, for many years now, published an annual slide deck on ‘Internet Trends’. Despite their famous length – this year’s, which was published yesterday, is 333 slides long – the reports are pored over by startups and fellow VCs alike, as an annual state-of-tech roundup of trends and stats.

There isn’t much on music in this year’s report bar a citation of Spotify as epitomising the ‘freemium consumer’ model, and a slide on Indian telco Reliance Jio’s suite of apps including music.

Recode does a good job of pulling out some of the most interesting bits of the report, from internet penetration stats (51% of the global population were online last year) to e-commerce (which is now 15% of retail sales) to gaming (there were 2.4 billion gamers worldwide last year). There’s also a good bit on the challenges of dealing with ‘problematic content’, or as Recode summarises it: “The internet will become more of a cesspool”.

Stuart Dredge

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