Bastille get an online ‘Doom Days House’ for fans to explore


“Escape the harsh realities of the world,” suggests a new website launched for British band Bastille. With 2019 being what it is, that’s a good pitch: time for some light-hearted, sweet content that… Oh wait. “Step into the Doom Days house.” Perhaps not so light-hearted then. But it’s a fun marketing campaign for the band’s new album (also called ‘Doom Days’) anyway.

“Explore the party and unlock memories to piece together the night’s events,” explains the site. It uses a vaguely Google Street View-like interface to scroll and rotate your way around a house, unlocking the ‘memories’ and hearing Bastille songs play as you go. At least until you reach a hard stop where the next section (and song) are listed as ‘coming soon’, that is. Still, fans are excited. “Okay wtf is this I’m so excited better than love island,” as one reply to Dan from Bastille’s tweet announcing the site put it.

The site is the work of creative studio and production company Powster.

Stuart Dredge

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