Facebook Watch videos attract 140m daily active users


Facebook has published an update on Facebook Watch, the section of the social network devoted to premium videos.

“We launched Watch globally less than a year ago, and there are now more than 720 million people monthly and 140 million people daily who spend at least one minute in Watch. On average, the daily visitors spend more than 26 minutes in Watch every day,” it explained. What kind of growth is this? Well, in December 2018, Facebook Watch had 400 million monthly users and 75 million daily users, so those metrics have grown by 80% and 87% respectively. That said, Facebook Watch’s daily audience, at 140 million people, is currently around 9% of Facebook’s overall daily active users. You might also wonder whether spending at least one minute watching Watch videos is quite a low bar, really, for a measurement.

The latest stats come as Facebook premieres its adaptation of MTV’s The Real World in the US, Mexico and Thailand – part of the company’s original slate of TV-style shows, which it hopes will boost Watch viewing even more over the coming months.

Stuart Dredge

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