Pandora now has its own ‘audio consultancy’ for advertisers


Streaming service Pandora wants brands to make better, more effective ads for its platform. It’s latest move to help them do that is the creation of an in-house ‘audio consultancy’ called Studio Resonate. It’ll work with advertisers on “audio creative development, sonic branding and strategy services, as well as visual design, rich media production, web / mobile experiences, and live activations” according to Pandora’s announcement.

The company stressed that these services aren’t new: it’s been helping advertisers with these tasks for years. But: “The launch of Studio Resonate marks the first time this creative offering will sit under one brand”. The kicker: the more ads that brands buy on Pandora, the bigger the range of services they’ll be offered by Studio Resonate.

“Digital audio has evolved in a big way over the past several years, and while advertisers are becoming more interested in audio innovation, they often default to using creative tactics that are carried over from other formats because there hasn’t been much guidance or direction in this space,” said Pandora’s SVP of ad innovation Lizzie Widhelm.

Stuart Dredge

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