Mixcloud breaks down its revenue-sharing model for curators


Streaming service Mixcloud launched its Mixcloud Select program in December 2018, enabling listeners to subscribe to individual curators (or channels) for a monthly fee of $2.99 or above.

Now the company has been explaining how the revenues are shared out, in a blog post noting the fact that Mixcloud’s direct licensing deals “identify the ‘long form audio creator’ as part of the digital revenue mix”.

So, how does a $2.99 Mixcloud Select subscription get broken down? “Of that small monthly fee, a first cut goes toward the artists, labels and publishers who own the rights to the tracks played in that creator’s shows, as well as a small credit card processing fee,” explained Mixcloud. “The creator then gets 60% of what’s left every month from everyone who subscribes to them. The other 40% goes to Mixcloud, so we can invest it back into the platform and keep things running– administering our licenses, building the website and the apps, hosting the audio, paying our rent, etc.” Mixcloud says it now has “hundreds” of creators on Select, which is still officially in ‘early access’ mode.

Stuart Dredge

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