Snapchat original-show viewing has tripled in last year


In recent times, Snapchat has tended to come off worse in comparisons with Instagram, particularly when it comes to active users. There are now at least some bright spots: in Snapchat’s slate of original TV-style shows. One of them, ‘Endless Summer’ attracted 28 million viewers for its first season last year, according to The Hollywood Reporter. It was a reality-show about influencer Summer Mckeen.

Two other shows, ‘Dead Girls’ and ‘Deep Creek’ attracted 14 million and 18 million viewers respectively, while Snapchat tells the publication that overall, time spent watching shows on Snapchat every day ‘more than tripled’ over the last year. Insert the usual ‘yes but from a very small base?’ question-caveat here.

Stuart Dredge

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