Teespring teams up with Twitch for new merch partnership


We know Teespring well for its work with music companies and artists around merchandise, but it also has a thriving business making merch for ‘creators’ – social and livestreaming-video stars. That’s more the focus for its latest announcement: a new partnership with Amazon’s live-video platform Twitch. It’ll enable viewers of Twitch streams to buy merchandise without leaving the site – and also to get exclusive merch if they subscribe to someone’s channel.

“The new platform enables users to design and sell products with the added option of making merch available exclusively for subscribers for the first time, encouraging new viewers to become followers of a user’s stream and ultimately rewarding loyal fans with exclusive creator content,” is how Teespring explained this. All Twitch users will be able to use the Teespring feature, which went live yesterday.

Stuart Dredge

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