Idagio-commissioned study explores classical streaming potential


A report claiming that classical music could be ‘streaming’s next genre’ comes with an important caveat – to its credit, one that’s openly stated – that it was commissioned by a classical-music streaming service.

Idagio enlisted research company Midia Research to survey 8,000 adult music consumers across eight countries, including the US, UK and Germany. Among its claims: classical recorded-music revenues were worth $384m globally in retail terms in 2018; that 37% of those revenues came from streaming, which grew by 46% to $141m that year; and that 35% of the adult population listens to classical music, making it the fourth most popular music genre.

“Overall, 31% of classical music listeners already stream classical music via audio streaming services or YouTube,” added Midia’s study, which also suggests that 30% of classical listeners are aged under 35. At this point, radio is the most popular way to listen to classical music, used by 40% of respondents, ahead of CDs (35%) and video-streaming services (i.e. YouTube: 29%). Free audio streaming services have 21% penetration among classical fans, while paid streaming services reach 14%. There’s more to read in the full study.

Stuart Dredge

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