Replica will help artists ‘license their own voices at scale’


Earlier this year, Australian startup Replica was announced as one of the latest cohort for accelerator Techstars Music: a company using AI “to create the next generation of games, films, music, and other media” providing “millions of ‘Replica’ voice actors on demand”. Now the company has been explaining more about what it does, and how it might be used by clients including musicians.

The core technology takes a few minutes of speech, and creates a ‘replica’ voice for that person which can then be written a script to say anything. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Morgan Freeman, David Attenborough and Ellen DeGeneres are among the celebrities replicated for its demo, along with Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, which may be a canny way of attracting those companies’ acquisitive attentions.

Replica is launching a product called ‘Studios’ which will help people do this for their own voices. Games are one use, and personalised radio and podcast ads another. And musicians? “The most interesting opportunity offered by this technology is the ability for individuals and artists to licence their own voices at scale — creating new revenue streams for themselves that can scale. And they can do this, without spending time in a recording studio, because their voices can now scale like software,” claims Replica.

“Imagine buying an audiobook and paying more to have it narrated in the voice of Stephen Fry. Or the calm, soothing tones of Morgan Freeman’s voice for your favourite meditation app. Or maybe you’ve bought tickets to attend a music event and every fan gets a personal message in the artist’s voice… All any artist or individual needs to do is record a few minutes of speech to create their Replica voices on our platform.” Very interesting indeed.

Stuart Dredge

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