Chartmetric explores the ‘trigger cities’ of south-east Asia


Earlier this year we wrote about music-analytics firm Chartmetrics’ theory of ‘trigger cities’ capable of propelling tracks to become global hits. Now the company has published a second in its series of blog posts focusing on the region of south-east Asia in this regard.

There’s some good data on how Spotify is functioning as a platform in the region, with K-Pop act Blackpink, US artist Lauv and a host of western artists performing well by the metric of monthly listeners. “Another takeaway from the six-city Spotify chart is how Western-savvy and in-tune Jakarta (10.6M people), Singapore (5.8M) and Quezon City (2.9M) are. Jakarta favors eight of the top 10 regional artists, Singapore nine, and Quezon City seven,” it explains. “So within Spotify, they are arguably cities with similar sonic tastes, and can conceivably be marketed to in similar ways on the platform.” There’s also some good analysis of YouTube’s music role in the region.

Written by: Stuart Dredge