More than 9m people play Candy Crush Saga for 3+ hours a day


British politicians are currently interviewing a range of people from the games industry, as part of a select committee investigation into “immersive and addictive technologies”. Yesterday, an exec from mobile games publisher King gave evidence, with some interesting (or perhaps: quite scary) stats about how people play the game Candy Crush Saga.

Alex Dale revealed that of 270 million players of the game, 3.4% play for three or more hours a day. That means around 9.2 million people. The average player actually plays the game for 38 minutes a day on average, however. “Excessive time? It is very difficult to know what excessive is,” said Dale, under questioning from MPs about whether King (and mobile publishers more generally) should be doing more to spot whether some of these players are addicted. “We have a fair number of people in their 60s, 70s and 80s playing Candy Crush. We do want people to play more. There are going to be people that like to play our games a lot.”

He also stressed that King relies on self-reporting of issues. “Among 270 million players we have between two and three contacts a month from people concerned about having spent too much money or time on the game…”

Written by: Stuart Dredge