Chance The Rapper’s streaming mixtape is missing a track


Chance The Rapper has re-released a pair of old mixtapes for the first time on streaming services, but while 2012’s ’10 Day’ remains unchanged, 2013’s ‘Acid Rap’ is missing one of its big tracks: ‘Juice’. It’s been replaced with Chance’s voice explaining why it’s missing (“I really wanted ‘Juice’ to be on the mixtape, but I couldn’t get it cleared in time”) before encouraging fans not to skip – since streaming royalties from the replacement spoken-word track will be donated to his charity SocialWorks, which works with young people in Chicago.

With the replacement track lasting 30 seconds, Billboard explains that fans will need to listen to it in full for royalties to be generated. The reason for the lack of clearance for ‘Juice’ appears to be its sample of ‘Jealous Guy’ by Donny Hathaway – and the necessary publishing clearances for the song, originally written by John Lennon.

Stuart Dredge

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