Startup Popgun is launching an AI-mastering tool called Gloss


We know Australian startup Popgun best for its demos showing how the company’s AI learned to compose and play music (watch the video here if you need a catchup). However, it’s also been working on something else: a new service called Gloss, which is firmly in Landr’s territory of AI-powered music mastering.

“Gloss uses AI to make the mastering process super easy for everyone. If you’re making music, preparing a podcast or creating videos, Gloss is the final step you need to make your audio sound awesome,” explains its website, which soft-launched last week.

The service is currently free, with plans to add premium features later, and works by simply getting people to drag and drop their MP3, WAV or FLAC files onto the site. The free aspect is one difference to Landr, as is the expanded focus on podcasters and video producers, rather than just musicians. That said, Gloss doesn’t have the distribution, sample-packs or social features of Landr, so it’s not a direct competitor (yet).

Stuart Dredge

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