Because Music boss backs ‘user-centric’ music-streaming model


The latest industry figure to come out batting for the ‘user-centric’ model of streaming royalties is Emmanuel De Buretel, in an interview with French newspaper Les Échos, subsequently spotted by MBW.

De Buretel warned that the current system of dividing up royalties risks “a drying up of income for many artists outside urban and electro music, and the eviction of musical genres such as certain segments of French music, classical, world music or jazz”.

He went on to suggest that a ‘user-centric’ model – where the royalties generated from each individual subscriber’s listening only go to the artists they listen to – could help. “It would reduce the share of ‘fake streams’, ensure a better flow of income between artists and titles, or promote the diversity of musical genres,” said De Buretel. “In short, a more equitable model. Professionals are wanting to switch to this model. We hope that a majority consensus will emerge in this direction.”

Earlier this year Crispin Hunt, chair of UK songwriters body The Ivors Academy, claimed that Apple Music had been kicking the tyres of the user-centric system, researching what impact it might have.

Deezer has also publicly expressed its interest in such a model, while Spotify’s director of economics Will Page co-authored (albeit in a personal capacity rather than for his employer) a ‘Money In, Money Out’ white paper with former PRS for Music / ASCAP exec David Safir exploring some of the economic implications.

Stuart Dredge

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