Lickd says Ed Sheeran is most-longed-for licence for YouTubers


Ed Sheeran is big on YouTube: as Music Ally recently reported, his channel has just passed the milestone of 40 million subscribers, while it’s now also past the 17bn views mark. However, Sheeran is also the top artist cited by YouTubers when asked whose music they most want to license for use in their videos. That’s according to British startup Lickd, which – you’ll have seen this bombshell coming – has a business based around licensing music for YouTubers to use in their videos.

The company asked the network of creators using its platform who they’d most like to licence: Sheeran topped the list followed by Ariana Grande, Green Day, Taylor Swift, Eminem, Drake, Rihanna, Pink Floyd, the Rolling Stones and Madonna.

The survey also found that 16% of creators say their biggest problem on YouTube is ‘not having access to the music they want’. All of this, of course, is supporting material for Lickd as it continues to seek licensing deals with more rightsholders for bigger artists.

CEO Paul Sampson recently voiced his frustration at the slow-moving process for some of those partnerships. “We have been in talks with the majors for coming up to three years,” he said at The Great Escape conference in May. “There needs to be an understanding from the labels that startups have limited runways and limited time.”

Written by: Stuart Dredge