East African streaming service Smubu has 200k active users


As the big global music-streaming services continue to mull their strategies for sub-Saharan Africa, local players are springing up to stake their claim to a piece of the nascent streaming market. The latest is Smubu, a music-streaming startup headquartered in Kenya, but focusing on a group of countries including Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda.

It has just announced an early milestone too: 200,000 active users, and a catalogue of more than 100k tracks.

“We are initially focused on East Africa. The music here amazes me and my team, and we genuinely believe that we can push it internationally,” CEO Jad Aizarani told Disrupt Africa.

Aizarani is also promising that artists whose music is being listened to on Smubu will be fairly rewarded. “Our vision is built on working closely with artists in providing them with a fair share of the revenue for every single download on our platform,” he said. “The platform is technically built to provide statistics, potential revenue and track download numbers and streams.”

Stuart Dredge

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