There appear to be changes afoot in the music team at Chinese technology firm Bytedance, with reports in China that one of its key executives, Zhu Jie, has quietly left the company. She was responsible for the music activities of Bytedance’s Douyin and Volcanic Video properties, although not for TikTok globally.

Music Ally understands that Song Yubin, the director of Douyin’s music-production business, has also resigned from Bytedance.

There is no news yet on who their replacements will be, or what this means for Bytedance’s music activities in China more widely. For example ‘See Music’, the program launched last year where TikTok partnered with a range of labels to run a talent contest, the winners of which had their tracks featured on an album released by the company in January 2019. “We hope to push quality, original music to our users through ByteDance AI’s precisely-targeted recommendations, while helping to spread new work from new artists,” said Zhu Jie at the time.

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