Snapchat unveils new ‘Creator Shows’ format for celebrities


Snapchat is debuting a new short-form video show format, and is working with traditional celebrities and newer digital influencers alike. It’s called ‘Creator Shows’, which will be series of 8-10 episodes of 3-5 minutes in length each.

Serena Williams, Kevin Hart and Arnold Schwarzenegger are among the traditional celebs on board already, with influencers like Emma Chamberlain and Rickey Thompson joining them.

“Snap says Creator Shows will be first-person, vertical video shows with themes like beauty, fitness, dance, fashion, and more,” reported The Verge. And music, perhaps? There’s clearly scope here for music artists to get involved, although whether these deals would be brokered by labels or management companies is an interesting question. Plus, of course, there’s the question of rights to use actual music in these kinds of shows on Snapchat, whose status and potential when it comes to platform-wide music licensing continues to be a topic of debate among rightsholders.

Stuart Dredge

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