Round-the-clock streams of music generated by artificial intelligence is very much Dadabots’ thing. The group first came to Music Ally’s attention in April with its neural network generating a 24-hour stream of technical death metal on YouTube, and then again in June in connection with a 24-hour Twitch stream of AI piano music, in collaboration with startup Melodrive.

Now here’s something else fun: Outerhelios, which is a 24/7 neural network livestream of free jazz… from space! “Way out, beyond the heliosphere, an A.I. aboard NASA space probe Voyager 3 generates free jazz – broadcast via livestream 24/7 – until we lose contact,” explains the YouTube video that’s broadcasting the music. “Its artificial neural network was trained on John Coltrane’s ‘Interstellar Space’ with modified SampleRNN. It listened to the album 16 times then continued to make music in the style.”

Music Ally used it as the soundtrack for this morning’s bulletin and can confirm that it’s a right old racket (in a good or bad way depending on your free-jazz leanings) – the final word will come, of course, from any aliens that Voyager 3 encounters on its mission. Let’s hope they like drum solos.

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Stuart Dredge

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